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Service Design — A Telecom Leader In The Middle East
Case Study
PiServe flexes its Service Design acumen to reinvent the mobile app of a Middle Eastern Telecom Major, inducing customer loyalty and delight

About the client

The client is an apex telecom business in the Middle East. For years, its services have been at the heart of social and economic transformation across the region. Currently, the company is globally acclaimed as a hub for retaining top tech talent, innovation, and business excellence, all geared to maximize the service experience for its customers.


As an organization committed to customer convenience, the client aspired to interact and have all its services delivered seamlessly through its mobile app. In an age where attention spans are brief and customers demand instantaneous fulfillment, the business desired an intuitive and enabling app. However, this called for more than mere window dressing the legacy app with a new look.

Therefore, the client was looking for an experienced Service Design partner that could build an all-digital front end as a one-stop-shop for all customer services and support requirements.

Business challenges

The mobile app as the primary digital touchpoint has been pivotal to the company’s proposition in allowing its customers to interact, engage and consume its services on the go. However, the legacy mobile app conflicted with the client’s priority to ensure the ease of navigation and smooth access to content. Here, several essential attributes and handles were either not available or hidden to the users, severely undercutting customer experience (CX).

Concerned that it might fall short in the battle of perceptions, the client’s leadership intended to revamp the app, rediscovering its use cases completely. However, handling such a mission-critical engagement needs the interventions of a partner that can successfully:

  • Build a sleek, all-digital frontend that can deliver as per modern CX standards and retain customer interests
  • Position it as a fast, reliable, and automated customer interface for all needs
  • Pace up business conversion rate and improve earnings

Our approach

Rather than developing the app right away, the PiServe consultants recommended a Service Design approach that is user-centric, collaborative, sequential, evidence-based, and comprehensive to attain the goals. Accordingly, PiServe assembled a cross-functional team with proven expertise across application development, UX design, and service delivery.

The team tackled the problem in a step-by-step process following the Agile Methodology that permitted regular iterations and provided significant impact through minor improvements. The journey involved:

  • Jointly conceptualizing the business and technical KPIs that are equally relevant for PiServe and its client
  • Discovering and documenting the application performance pain points by interviewing various stakeholders along the value chain
  • Developing a Service Blueprint pinpointing the touchpoints in the mobile app and the CX roadblocks to be resolved
  • Mapping the user flow journey from the frontend to the application server and then to the backend legacy system identifying bottlenecks that were slowing response time for frontend users.

500% growth in brand loyalty with improved CX by creating a lasting and favorable brand impression through the mobile experience by service design, UX Design, and experience design expertise with outcomes that the client has never imagined.


The result

PiServe’s Service Design-based endeavor to reinvent the application interface with customer experience and satisfaction at the forefront delivered the intuitive solution that the client was looking for. As the revamped interface went live, the company recorded an outstanding improvement in the customer experience and a noticeable decrease in ticket volumes for the support teams, thanks to the self-service portal!

Some tangible benefits incurred by the organization can be recounted as:


Amplified brand appeal

500% jump in customer brand loyalty, owing to the enriched experience and navigation convenience


Inflated revenue

150% growth in repeat businesses through mobile recharge and payments, traced back to a customer base that is highly satisfied with brand interaction


Customer empowerment

45% reduction in support requests due to improved frontend functions and self-service capabilities

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