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Imagine a world where you could watch your business grow on auto-pilot

Drive efficiencies by evaluating integrated data through securely connected devices

Whether you know it or not, you probably already use IoT technology, a fitness tracker, a smartwatch, or use rideshare services like Uber or Lyft, you are leveraging the Internet of Things. Use IoT for your industry and get data from connected devices, be it farming, fleet, smart cities, smart buildings, or smart assets, and take decisions on real-time data.

Benefits from our partnership

PiServe has a creatively driven IoT Research & Development team across the globe who are exploring organizational implications of IoT in areas like security and privacy, technology, strategy, architecture, analytics, and implementation. We approach every IoT project with an efficacy-driven mindset.


Involvement in environmental sustainability

Given the current environmental crisis, corporations are incorporating technologically driven sustainable facilities. PiServe is ready to paint the town green for corporations of all sizes and industries.


Upgrading the quality of life

By automating mundane but vital responsibilities, not only would you be enhancing the level of your comfort, but you will be left with tasks that are enriching and impactful; hitting two birds with one stone.


Diverse industry adaptability

IoT’s flexibility is unmatched in imparting its presence in every available industry, as a result of which corporations are successful in optimizing their operations.

Public Sector
water-bannerInternet of Things

Using IoT to save water resources and plug revenue leaks

Energy Monitoring — Public Utility Services
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Our capabilities


IoT product development and services

PiServe facilitates your design vision to be transformed into a tangible product by focusing on factors that are vital to its development - design, engineering, prototype, and manufacturing.


Connected application development

PiServe’s objective is to offer a product with an aptly designed UI/UX that is interlinked with exceptional connected applications, enabling it to serve our customers’ every need.

Technology that we work with

We pride ourselves in devising innovations and services with our unwavering allies.

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