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Revolutionize agriculture with technology.

Imagine a world where the agricultural produce brought to your table has been grown to perfection with the intervention of technology

Intelligent farming is the way forward

Smart agriculture has accelerated the adaptation to global climate change in the wake of global warming; based on the health of agricultural land, weather, and other relevant factors, technology is aiding farmers in influencing the output of their upcoming harvest. Pay the way for the advancement of agriculture with the fusion of technology in Farm Connect.

Benefits from our partnership

Having a bountiful harvest every time is now a reality, and Farm Connect is the way forward. Our expert team has engineered a solution that provides real-time information on the status of every factor that would affect the quality of your produce and its distribution.


Data pooling with IoT

Improve the quality of your agricultural produce by making informed decisions based on collected data such as climate, soil health, crop growth progression, etc.


Reduced manual intervention

You can now automate multiple processes such as land irrigation, fertilization of crops, etc. across your production cycle.


Eliminate risks in distribution

By having a 360° view of your agricultural produce, you can efficiently plan storage and distribution upon harvesting, minimizing wastage.

Our features

1. Purchase farm essentials

Purchase farm essentials

Farming essentials such as seeds, fertilizers, and farming tools can now be purchased from one app.

2. 360 ° knowledge of farming

360 ° knowledge of farming

Farmers are empowered to make an informed decision of which crop to grow based on the array of data gathered by Farm Connect.

3. Farming assistance

Farming assistance

Farm Connect provides an avenue for farmers to request relief in the form of loans, subsidies, and insurance.

4. QA platform

QA platform

Resolve queries by using Farm Connect’s forum to link and exchange information with like-minded people. Use our chatbots or call centers for efficient resolution of any issues you face with our technology.

5. Predict on quality of produce

Predict on quality of produce

Based on the array of data gathered by Farm Connect, you can anticipate the quality and quantity of the harvest well before sowing the seeds.

6. Acts as marketplace

Acts as marketplace

You can channel the distribution of your products to marketplaces, supermarkets, hypermarkets, and food processing units ahead of harvesting.

7. Tagging and tracking with QR code

Tagging and tracking with QR code

Instill transparency and gain the trust of your clientele by allowing them to identify the origin and nutritional value of the food on their table.

8. Predict demand, price, and ROI

Predict demand, price, and ROI

Precision farming has enabled the output of a harvest to be assessed realistically, which can thereby predict ROI based on pricing and market demand for the produce.

9. Dashboard for stakeholders

Dashboard for stakeholders

You will have access to a personalized Farm Connect dashboard, which can aid in making informed decisions, future forecasting, etc.

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