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Case Study
PiServe takes over the managed support role for a European Telecom major, ensuring 99.99% availability of its IaaS application

About the client

Headquartered in Europe, the client is one of the undisputed market leaders with a substantial global presence. As a trailblazer, the company has pioneered the development of award-winning platforms and solutions, constantly delivering on the evolving customer demands for robust connectivity, mobility, security, and greater control.


The client has ingenuity embedded into its DNA, pushing innovation at the forefront. Long before the actual cloud revolution, it implemented the Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) concept in-house for the consumption of its internal customers back in 2011. However, the application grew exponentially over the years due to patch-ups and ad hoc developments, undermining its resilience and stability. Therefore, the client was looking for an experienced IMS partner to support the application and ensure maximum service availability.

Business challenges

The client designed and implemented an IaaS application for its internal customers more than a decade back. However, the application has been used extensively for hosting all the company’s major internal services, making it cluttered and complex through non-linear feature additions. The resulting instability was too much to handle for the client’s in-house shared services outfit.

Nevertheless, it was unaffordable for the stakeholders to accept anything but a peak availability of the IaaS application that runs mission-critical deliveries. It was only possible for a managed services leader with specialized skills and deep experience in the telecom industry to deliver the required outcomes. Consequently, the organization was looking to outsource its infrastructure management support to a reliable partner that can:

  • Guarantee a 99.99% uptime round the clock
  • Resolve critical incidents within an hour
  • Operate a well-defined Problem & Change Management Strategy
  • Proactively flag and resolve service issues

Our approach

PiServe consultants thoroughly assessed the current state of the IaaS application and the client’s core support requirements, conceiving a comprehensive intervention roadmap. To ensure the desired outcomes and complete transparency, we referred to the industry standards in defining the best possible KPIs, MTTR (Mean Time To Repair, Recover, Respond, or Resolve), and SLA clauses.

The engagement framework was built on a hybrid delivery model, with L1 and L2 support delivered locally and L3 handled by an offshore team of troubleshooters at our India SoC. It kicked off with a Knowledge Transfer at the client’s data center in Germany. As part of the engagement we:

  • Resolved all the aging tickets, dramatically reducing the incident loads
  • Ensured smooth provisioning of the VMs in a highly heterogeneous system environment running Perl/Python scripts and Apache and VMware resources, managing diversified workloads
  • Conducted Root cause analysis of incidents and updated documentation
  • Proactively optimized the codebase in collaboration with the application owners

PiServe not only ensured the high availability of the client’s IaaS application but also consistently resolved its technical debt.


The result

PiServe is trusted across industries for its proven service projection caliber, profound business knowledge, and precise understanding of the client’s requirements. Here, we drew upon our deep perspective of supporting IT operations of global telecom corporations to ensure that interventions are wholly aligned with the defined SLAs and non-negotiable quality benchmarks.

Within six months of PiServe taking over, the client experienced a positive delta along most of the KPIs, including:


High service availability

The team managed to maintain 99.99% uptime steadily


Optimum MTTR

All critical incidents were resolved within 45 minutes


Reduced ticked volume

From over 400 incidents a month, the numbers were pushed to below 100. Eventually, less than 50 tickets were raised per month in the subsequent years


Improved revenue

PiServe intervention improved the availability and responsiveness of the client’s IaaS application, driving a richer user experience and higher customer satisfaction. It, in turn, streamlined service delivery using the application, contributing to the client’s earnings

The future

Our over six years of experience with the client helped us better comprehend the nuanced challenges that the legacy IaaS application has been facing in living up to the needs of the time. The IaaS world has evolved drastically in the cloud-first era, shaping customer expectations. The client’s application, though innovative, was highly patched up and no match for the extensively automated IaaS solutions that are available currently.

As the client’s trusted support partner, it has been upto PiServe’s expertise to modernize the application and tune it as per the current performance standards. Our engagement with the company continues, and we are at the task of bringing the best of our skills and capabilities to the game. We aim to reinvent the application in the days ahead, ensuring that it can effortlessly compete with the apex public cloud-based IaaS solutions in the market today.


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