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Tracking your shipments’ every move.

Imagine a world where you have real-time access to the status of the shipment of your client’s valuable inventory, be it in a delivery truck or a cargo ship in the middle of an ocean

Build a steadfast client base

Get real-time data on the condition and whereabouts of assets in transit with TrackTile. Gain a competitive edge based on the quality of service, and transparency you can offer your existing clientele, further strengthening your business relationship and growing your client base.

Benefits from our partnership

In the high-pressure industry of sales logistics, technology has been widely adopted to ease the complexities within every step of each process. Partnering with the right service provider is imperative; credibility is hard to gain but easy to lose. With TrackTile, you can monitor the location, and consignment health, and monitor any delays remotely.


Tracking made conveniently

With connected applications, track in-transit shipments, eliminate misplacement, and even perform stock checks.



Shipment’s real-time data can be collated and uploaded onto your ERP system, eliminating the need to manually populate forms and increasing the reliability of data.


Data analysis

Management will now have access to in-depth data on shipments which can be used to improve internal processes and strategize growth.

Our features

1. TrackTile’s IoT components

TrackTile’s IoT components

The tracker comprises a sensor unit, connectivity units (cellular, LoRa, BLE), batteries, and an SD card for data storage.

2. Remote security

Remote security

With TrackTile, consignments can be locked and unlocked by authorized personnel with various security measures.

3. Monitor consignment health

Monitor consignment health

TrackTile can assess the factors such as temperature, humidity, and orientation of the shipment, providing a warning when parameters are exceeded.

4. Management of consignment

Management of consignment

Receive instant notifications if consignments are mishandled, and take action to eliminate such mismanagement.

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