The metaverse applications in business: Creating value in a virtual world

Author —Malavika .D8 mins read03 Jan 2023

Since Facebook announced its rebrand to Meta and ventured into the metaverse, this technology has stolen the limelight. Organizations are diving deeper into the metaverse applications in business in search of elevated opportunities. Even though the technology is comparatively new, metaverse business opportunities are at large. Let’s see how enterprises find value in the metaverse.

What is the metaverse?

In simple words, the metaverse is a space where people can interact, create, share and explore 3D objects in the virtual world. People often see the metaverse as the future of the internet, offering users and businesses a new dimension of interactive experiences. The metaverse is a digital world that lies beyond our physical one.

Businesses find the technology exciting and are coming up with various metaverse application ideas.  Users can create avatars and roam around the metaverse, interact with other users and businesses, attend concerts, go shopping, and make transactions. Since the benefits of the metaverse for businesses are numerous, organizations understand its value and are custom-designing user experiences to maximize their output.

Why the sudden spotlight?

Ever since Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would take a step into a new dimension and rebrand itself as Meta, the metaverse cemented its place among tech discussions and coffee table talk. Using technology like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), the metaverse takes us on a journey into the virtual world. Though the technology is new and under a lot of speculation, many experts consider it the future of the internet.


With the growth of the metaverse, comes an important question. What are the benefits of the metaverse? Businesses are investing in metaverse application ideas, understanding their potential. Video game companies like Epic Games and tech giants like Microsoft and NVidia are following in the footsteps of Meta, venturing deeper into the metaverse. Other brands like Adidas, Nike, BMW, and many others are navigating metaverse applications in business, exploring new opportunities. The hype around the metaverse is here to stay, and it will have a long-lasting impact on businesses.

How is the metaverse important for businesses?

Finding new ways to engage users

With the metaverse comes a whole new world of possibilities, an unlimited scope of entertainment, and immersive experiences. Businesses can leverage the potential of the metaverse to its fullest to connect with their users. An organization can experiment with various ways to communicate to their users in the metaverse with live events, concerts, interactive sessions, customer care interactions, branded gaming adventures, virtual goods, and others. As an early adopter of the metaverse for business, an enterprise will gain a clear edge over competitors and draw more attention from potential customers.

Urge to connect more

The interactive and immersive gaming experience of the metaverse keeps users connected and changes how users perceive and engage with each other in the digital space. From immersive music concerts to gaming tournaments and other entertainment activities, the metaverse urges users to connect in a unique way. As socializing is a basic human instinct, the metaverse is an ideal platform for users to meet and interact with people and brands.

Immersive shopping

The metaverse lets consumers gain more control and transparency over their digital purchases, giving them a feeling of confidence in their choices. Businesses are taking their shopping-related metaverse application ideas forward, building virtual malls and shopfronts in the digital space, thereby creating a hyper-connected and immersive feel for customers.

Creating and owning digital assets

During the past couple of years, the popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has soared to great heights. Brands seek metaverse business opportunities, selling digital versions of their goods at more expensive prices than the physical ones. NFTs and the metaverse create a decentralized economy, encouraging young customers to create, own, and trade their own digital assets.


Blended work model

According to a study by Accenture, 83% of workers across multiple industries prefer to work in a blended, in-person model. This demand created a demand for tools that facilitate online collaboration and host remote meetings. This application of the metaverse for business creates a collaborative atmosphere, providing an immersive work experience.

Increase in productivity

Digital twins, which are virtual copies of a physical asset or a process, have become one of many viable metaverse business opportunities. A digital twin helps companies test the performance of a product or process virtually, saving them precious financial resources and materials by automating the testing. This application of the metaverse for business makes the digital twin concept even more productive, paving the way for immersive collaboration in the digital realm.

Easier transactions with cryptocurrencies

The metaverse and cryptocurrencies are concepts that work perfectly together. . Even though the metaverse is still in its infancy, the best way to enjoy the virtual world is with a crypto wallet. The metaverse lets users interact with brands and do shopping in the virtual space. Cryptocurrencies power the metaverse applications for business to new heights. A user can make secure and transparent payments in the metaverse via cryptocurrencies without linking them to any bank account.

What are the applications of the metaverse?

Enhanced social media experience

Social media influences our lives in a multitude of ways. As of today, social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp have a limit on the amount of content they can display on the phone screen. They have relatively limited interactive capabilities such as liking, commenting, or sharing posts. The metaverse, backed with AR and VR technologies, creates an immersive experience with real-time meetings and interactions similar to the physical world. Instead of 2D screens to connect over, the metaverse replicates the real world, and the avatars of users engage and communicate in the virtual world on a greater level than before.

Opportunities for virtual events

Attending a virtual conference or a meeting is not a new experience these days. However, these events are limited to 2D screens and a window. The metaverse brings with it the winds of change, creating an immersive virtual reality experience for conferences or concerts. A live stream of your favorite artist on a computer screen cannot come close to the immersive participation and unforgettable experience that the metaverse creates. This isn’t limited to just live events like concerts; art galleries and museums can also mark their presence in the metaverse with interactive guided tours and exhibits.

More opportunities to showcase and sell products

Various brands, particularly eyewear, clothing, salons, and furniture stores, use AR technology to give their customers a virtual experience of how the products would suit them. The metaverse creates a similar but upgraded experience.

Brands can create virtual showrooms in the metaverse where customers can check and try out their products. In this era where digital fashion is the trend and users actively buy products from eCommerce stores, the metaverse applications for business purposes enhance the online shopping experience.

Immersive sales and marketing

With the metaverse enhancing the social media experience and gamifying business communication, bringing sales and marketing processes into the virtual world boosts an organization’s growth.

Investors are spending more on metaverse real estate and assets like hoardings and billboards in the virtual world. Soon, virtual billboards will become a reality, with over a million users or avatars seeing them in the metaverse. The metaverse has changed the way a business creates and distributes marketing content. Brands now build better marketing content with deeper customization. With the functions of the metaverse for business, brands can accurately target their products and services toward the desired demographics and create marketing campaigns with specific preferences.

Revolutionized online education

Since the pandemic, online education has become mainstream. However, the current asynchronous video-based classes are neither productive nor user-friendly.

The metaverse changes this, letting students create their avatars and attend classes just like in the physical world. The metaverse creates a better learning experience with clarity and depth. Rich in graphics, the online platform utilizes the metaverse features to create an immersive learning experience that facilitates increased interaction, collaboration, and engagement. Students can understand concepts and theories practically, sometimes with better depth than in real-life.

The metaverse application ideas could revolutionize online education, aided by 3D learning tools, visual tools, and easy access to the best tutors around the globe.

Futuristic blockchain applications

Blockchain, being the underlying technology of the metaverse, complements and empowers the platform to reach new levels. The building blocks of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and several other practical purposes, blockchain brings the metaverse application ideas to life. Blockchain promotes the growth of a sustainable and scalable economy in the metaverse, eliminating the need for fiat currencies. Blockchain can act as a catalyst for expanding and empowering the metaverse to new horizons, creating a parallel digital universe.

How big of an opportunity does the metaverse offer?

The metaverse offers a sea of opportunities for businesses spanning various fields. The early adopters of the metaverse have a vast economic opportunity in their hands, as the technology is pioneering a massive evolution of the internet economy. The opportunities of the metaverse for business bring serious disruptions to industries, deploying a new era of collaborative tools. The virtual world revolutionizes education, entertainment, clothing, and other sectors by creating an immersive customer experience. In addition, the metaverse eliminates the geographical differences of users, helping your brand reach far larger demographics.

The metaverse applications in business create more value for the organization, with numerous benefits. Keen to learn more about the metaverse and how to find value for your business? Say hi to take a step further in your metaverse journey.

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